What Do You Want To Know?

How Can I Cancel/Close My Account?

Account deactivation at FirstWizz Bank is an administrative duty and the easiest way to deactivate your account is by sending an email to our administrative inbox at customercare@firstwizz.com

Do i Gain Interest for My Savings Account?

Yes, when you fix your money on deposit plan you get SHARE PRICES AND DIVIDENDS INVESTING In US.
The report describes how we do business, actions we've taken to address recent challenges in the global economy and what we are doing to improve our services.
The company has operations worldwide and is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.

What Privilleges Do I Have as a Student?

At FirstWizz Bank, our goal is helping every customer achieve financial freedom and we grant student loans, education support funds, scholarship programs and investing in Aid foundations all over the world.

Can I Use My Account Internationally?

At FirstWizz Bank, we go where your dog can't! You own your private account, You can use your account wherever you go with our mobile banking app and internet service. Our customer support centres and helpline are always open 24/7 to assist you wherever and whenever.